Are you leveraging the 4 proven marketing systems every business
MUST use to achieve growth?

If the answer is “NO” or even “I don’t know,” then you owe it to yourself to take just a few minutes to read this. 


MySiteEasy offers a complete ‘done for you’ strategic digital marketing system focusing on the 4R’s that every business needs: Reputation, Reach, Resell, Referral.

Reputation – It’s never been easier for potential customers to find what others think about your business. 74% of consumers choose to do business based on online feedback – even when it’s from total strangers.

Reach – A business that wants to grow needs to make sure that more people know about it today than did yesterday. If you’re not meeting new people and telling them about your (product/service), you’re not developing a pipeline of potential new customers and you are going to see fewer sales in the future as a result.

Resell – If you’re not collecting customer details or accepting orders/bookings online your missing opportunities.  When it comes time to purchase can the customer do so simply and quickly on their time on the device of their choice? Once you’ve done all the hard work of getting a customer, you need to make sure to maximize the lifetime value of that customer. That means increasing the dollar value of each transaction or by increasing the frequency that customers buy with add-on services, upsells or cross sells.

Referral – Since you’re doing such a great job taking care of your customers and keeping them happy, the best thing you can do is set up systems to maximize the benefit.  Referred customers are, on average, about 18 percent more likely than others to stay with a company and they generate 16 percent more in profits!

In our experience maximising any one of these four R’s can lead to business growth.  Maximising all four over time has a compounding effect.