A long long time ago ( in Internet years at least ) …

In the spring of 2001, MySiteEasy founder Brendon Gearin hatched a plan to empower small businesses to update their own web presence and include “Marketing Tools & services” by default.

This was revolutionary at the time, so much so we had to build all our tools to make it happen. Luckily we had been doing this in a non-agency capacity for our own sites since about ’97.

We were also streaming video live and on demand online in the late 90’s.

Now days we’re big fans of open source tools & best of breed commercial tools.

To this day unlike most agencies in the industry in addition to supporting our clients we have our own online stores, & membership sites in different markets.

This gives us a unique perspective.

We don’t just sell it. We do it to. We get into the trenches (can I really say trenches when our hands don’t get dirty?) and figure stuff out.

This helps us stay ahead of the game. If you’re not ahead online, your behind.


Far more than just web sites

When you build online presences & marketing campaigns for 20 years across multiple different industries for businesses of all sizes you notice similarities in the success stories.

A good a website is not the only thing that is required. You need traffic/visitors to that site.

Once you have that traffic you need good branding. Those potential customers then need to take action on something. That could be filling in a form, signing up for a newsletter, completely a purchase, a download, a social share etc.

You need good systems in place to get great reviews & referrals. You need to be able to resell to your existing customer base easily and effectively.

We’ve taken those similarities and distilled them into a framework every business can use to succeed. We then aligned our marketing services and packages with that strategy to support our clients more effectively and make it easy and hassle free.